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11 Best Blogging Niche Ideas to start blogging business in 2019

When you are thinking of starting blogging business first thing that stuck in your mind is about a ‘Niche’. What blogging niche are you going to write about or post about? That’s something making you hard right? I have come here with great blogging niche idea for you. You can match them with your talent and interest.

How to find Blogging Niche to start blogging business in 2019?

Having an idea to start blog may be easy but finding great blogging niche for long run on the blog is difficult. If you have set in your mind to start blogging business then I have 11 great blogging niche ideas for you.

Pick any one of these blogging niche as suggested bellow:

1. ‘How to Make money’

blogging niche - how to make money

If you have ideas to make money online or offline, then you can start blogging business on this niche ‘how to make money’. This is the top and leading niche in the internet world. So many bloggers are writing on this niche. Because, it has more rank in google keywords search. Share your ideas on how to make money online or offline?

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2. ‘Social Media’

Social media blogging niche

You know the influence and power of the social media today. How many people are hooked in social media in every second? You can think of running a blog on ‘social media’. Before you start blogging business particularly on this niche, do a thorough study and research on social media. This will make you expert to compete other bloggers on the same niche. This blogging niche has a great impact in social world. Under this niche you can cover sub-niches as mentioned in the bellow:

    • Facebook:

      You already knew that Facebook is a second largest social website, if I am not wrong. Have thorough study on Facebook. Beginning from ‘how to create an account on Facebook’ to ‘advertising on Facebook page’. There are so many people still do not know how to manage Facebook page. And advertise or promote the product to increase sells. You can explain about using of Facebook a – z. So that users will be benefited reading your blog and they will love to come back to your blog.

    • YouTube:

      This is another biggest social site in the world. People are always hooked in it. This is used for entertainment purpose and making money as well. Prepare yourself to enhance your knowledge on this niche. Learn thoroughly. Come with simple and best information. Start with ‘how to create YouTube channel?’, ‘how to make money on youtube?’, ‘how to get more viewers and subscribers on your channel?’. Like this you can write more article everything on youtube channel. This niche can bring countless traffic to your blog. This is really a great blogging niche for you to start in 2019.

  • Likewise you can go with more of social medias like; InstagramLinkedintumblerGoogle plusPinterestskype, and more.

3. ‘Finance’

blogging niche 'finance'

If you are an expert in financing or management I would recommend you to go with this. This is a great blogging niche.  Starting blogging business on ‘finance’ is a great choice. You can check keywords ranking on this niche. What all you can cover on this niche are like:

        • Saving tips,
        • Insurance,
        • Money management tips,
        • How to control over expenses,
        • Budgeting,
        • Stock market,
        • Banking
        • Shopping tips,
        • Currency,
        • Credits, debit cards,
        • Cashback offer,
        • Using coupon,
        • And many more

4. Blogging Business

blogging niche on 'blogging business'

Blogging has become so popular today. People like to work from home at their own comfort. Therefore people love to do blogging business. But not many people know about ‘how to start blog. So you can become a coach to all the bloggers who are very new to blogging business. This is a mind blowing blogging niche. If you like to start on this niche, you can cover all of these topics.

        • How to create blog’
        • Tips on Buying domain and hosting plan,
        • How to design wordpress blog,
        • How to monetize blog,
        • Ways to get more traffic,
        • How to optimize blog,
        • SEO,
        • Useful themes & plug-in
        • And many more.

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Steps to Start Blog

5. ‘Latest Smartphone’

Blogging niche 'latest smartphone'

You cannot imagine how many people are searching latest smartphone on online every day. It’s beyond our imagination. People love new things. Starting blog on ‘latest smartphone’ will be a great decision. On this niche what you must be doing is;

        • Keep up-to-date with smartphones manufacture to inform the public what is coming up next.
        • Study about the products and review them
        • Explain the benefits, features and price of the products
        • You can also include tablets, laptop and desktop computer.

I definitely believe this is a great blogging niche to start in 2019.

6. Graphics & Designing Tips

blogging niche 'graphics & design'

So many business owners and website owners are looking for good graphics and logo designer. You can give them good tips about ‘how to and where to. Even you, yourself can be the designer for them if you have the skill. This is also a good blogging niche idea if you really know about it.

7. Video Editing Tips

blogging niche 'video editing'

As we talk about social media like Facebook and YouTube, so many YouTubers need video editing guide. People want to make money on YouTube by creating channel. But not many of them know about creating quality video. So there is a need of guide on ‘how to create thumbnail, intro and outro’ videos etc.

Do a research on this and prepare yourself to provide quality tips on video editing. You can talk about free and premium software for video editing available online. You can also become an affiliate from different video editing Software Company. That can increase your income. So why don’t you think on this great blogging niche to start with?

8. ‘Sports & Entertainment’

blogging niche 'sports and entertainment'

I am really so convinced on this blog niche that, this can bring tons of profit to the bloggers. Especially, in 2019 it is going to be a great challenging for sport lovers. Why I think so? You know, IPL is coming up and World cup is also coming up. Imagine the eyes of the world are at Sports and entertainment. Don’t get delay! Don’t think too much. Grab this niche and start today. You can create as IPL fan club or World cup Fan club etc. This is a great blogging niche because you will develop social group very fast. It is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

9. ‘Travel’

blogging niche 'travel'

Travel blog always have the maximum chances to make money through affiliate program. People love to read travel blog to get information about the destination they are visiting to. And also people like good information about the destination and ticket coupon. Your travel blog can provide:

        • Honest and clear information about the destination that people are traveling to,
        • Offer and coupon on ticket booking,
        • Road map and guide to the destination,
        • Information on hotel room and booking,
        • Useful tips for travel to different destination in the world,
        • And more

10. Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

blogging niche 'fashion, beauty and lifestyle'

OMG! This is another great blogging niche. Lot of people have already created the blog on this and making tons of money. To start blog on this niche you have to be a bit stylish. And you must have good knowledge on make-updressingfashion and style. Lots of cosmetic product reviews and testimonies are required. You also need to provide good images and videos. Building trust is must when it comes to product review and sell.

11. Health & Fitness

blogging niche 'health and fitness'

Health and fitness is a great blogging niche which people love to read very much. This niche has more potential to drive traffic to your blog. There are lots of blog on this niche around the internet world. You will have a huge opportunity to make money on this blog niche. Nowadays people are hooked around the fitness blog and videos. You can connect YouTube videos with your blog if you have already done this on YouTube.

Now, what is left? Is this article very helpful to you? Are you ready to start now? If you are ready to start blogging business, first you will need a Domain and Hosting Service.

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Did I miss anything? Please let me know what you feel about this article. Or what decision have you made to start blogging business?

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