My Story & Why I Started An Online Business

I always wanted to be independent and to have money to pay my bills and live an affordable life.

Instead, I always spend time looking for a job and working for companies and organizations that I really hate but I was not able to afford to stay without a job as I had my commitments and need to provide for my family as a single mother.

My kids are my motivation and a drive-in my life’s success.

There are no issues to work for some if you are lucky to join and work for a great company that has a good cultural environment, a job that pays not just only your bills to survive but to have savings and leave an affordable life. I am not talking about surviving from one payday to the other and most of the time you keep borrowing from your friends and family, praying to avoid those unexpected and unplanned expenses to happen as you will be in a total financial mess and they are most of the time accruing when you do not count on them.

We all had these feelings at least ones.

I kept struggling to find a job, oh no, no I am not a lazy person. I have great years of experience too, but I had no luck in passing interviews as I am always being a real true person.

These feelings are that you are always begging, sending your resume, and asking for a job. You have to do weird things for non-competent seniors.

You make others look amazing forgetting that those will never be for your success to celebrate. There are people who want you to fail as your failure makes them stronger.

I can go on and on giving you a hundred reasons that employment or unemployment brings to make my life miserable and those years that I spend working or looking for jobs are the most disgusting in my life.

Stop. Stop, stop and stop one day I was not able to close my eyes thinking about what I should do to stop this unfortunate routine.

What are my main wants in life!!!

  • I want to be happy,
  • I want to take my own discussions
  • I want to do what I want to do, not what I instructed
  • I want to live an affordable and comfy life, not to live to survive
  • I want to be my own boss with my own time attendance
  • I want to have more time with my family
  • I want to pay bills and afford other things too
  • I want to pay my kids education and affordably to support them in everything
  • I want to travel and see the places I like
  • I want to support family and my friends who supported me
  • I want to be respectful with my dignity, keeping my qualities, ethics, and morals.

What I don’t want anymore

  • To survive,
  • To beg
  • To be humiliated and harass
  • Do not have sufficient time for my own, family and friends
  • Follow instructions and do what you should do
  • Grow success for others without being rewarded
  • To be used and misused
  • To be no one…

Here I am today with online business without any technical skills, starting from scratch with minimal investment, and moving forward achieving my personal and the most important goal of my life that has given way to my freedom. You should not give up on yourself too, you should not fear to start and make a new beginning, to take control of your life is a good and positive change that gives many benefits instead of continuing disappointments. 

I felt like a happy person, I do what like it being myself.

I am thanking all my friends who supported me, who given me the love, care, and support to push my boundaries and take my passion, my hobby transferring to online business.

Don’t worry to make a change, and the first one is to be with and around people who only bring the worst in you and to your life.

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