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December 28, 2019
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adsense monetization

Do you face adsense monetization problem with your YouTube channel?

Today I would like to share my own experience of how I face the problem and find the another way to monetize to make money with my channel.

Today millions of people are around the social media especially on YouTube. People upload videos for different reasons but mostly to make money. However, many people faced problem of monetizing channel with adsense. Making money on youtube means only with adsense. But adsense has very strict policy and rules. So many people failed to maintain the rules and terms and service of Adsense. If you are happen to be one of those, here I am going to share some of the tips to find some other option to monetize your youtube channel in order make money with your channel.

What is solution if your youtube channel’s monetization with adsense has been disabled or disapproved?

If you are facing adsense monetization problem for your youtube channel, don’t be panic thinking what to do now. If you have a good number of subscribers and viewers you don’t have to leave your channel. You can continue still in working on youtube and make money, but not from adsense.

As a youtuber like you I also started working on YouTube since one year. I was not aware of google adsense policy. As my channel got popularity and received more subscribers and viewers with much enthusiasm I work hard and produce more video contents but unfortunately my channel monetization has been disabled. It says “this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity.” (See the bellow screenshot). In fact there was no invalid click activity. I don’t understand what went wrong and what I must do.

adsense monetization


I followed some people’s suggestions to fill the appeal form hoping that my adsense account would be reinstate. But after sometime I have received very discouraging mail from google adsense, saying that they could not reinstate my account. It was really really sad for me. I could not sleep that night. I was thinking what is the way now. I spent lot of money in producing music and quality videos. But all the money and hard work went in vain.

Working with adsense is very difficult and uncertain of earning. No one can guarantee that they would continue to make money. Anytime any mistake you commit with adsense it is very difficult to get back to adsense monetization.

While thinking on monetizing my channel and searching adsense alternative I found one very genuine and popular adsense alternative for YouTube channel. So I thought there may be millions of people like me looking for some adsense alternative for monetizing their channel, why don’t I share my experience of how I find another way to monetize the youtube channel to continue earning money with the channel.

Best and No. 1 Adsense Alternative to Monetize YouTube Channel

If you have out standing channel but no way to make money with adsense. Then you can start working with the one I have started. The network I am talking about is

adsense monetization


You may or may not be familiar with this site. But this site is a number one adsense alternative monetization site.

You can find a dozens of network to monetize your channel apart from Adsense. However, you must review them and check about their reviews in different review sites to ensure that those network are genuine as they claim to be. But I found as very genuine. Many bloggers post positive reviews about Adrev.

Joining adrev is very easy. But there are certain requirement in order to get approved your channel. You may need 500 views per day, however you are advised to check their requirement. Because they may update their policy time to time.

Cashout or payment also minimum compare to adsense. In adsense your account must reach $100 but in Adrev you need only $50. You will get up to 95% revenue share.

Click here to join


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