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January 13, 2020
How to Make Money Online
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“Best Blogging Niche or best blog content will Fetch more Traffic and more traffic bring more money.” 
Hi There, you are lucky to be here! If you are thinking of starting a blog and make money in this year 2020, that’s a great idea! Blogging is really a beautiful things to work online from home or anywhere in your own comfort. Today blogging job is becoming more popular in the Internet world. People are already there around the internet creating blog and making lots of money. Today in this article I am going to share with you as to how to find the best blogging niche to drive more traffic and make money online?

How to Choose Best Blogging Niche to Drive Traffic and Make Money?

When thinking to starting a blog choosing a right blogging niche for the blog is really a big factor. Because your blog niche is going to play a big role in your blogging job. So that it bring more traffic to your blog and make you more money. Therefore, it is so important to consider in finding the right niche for your blog.

If you still do not understand what is a niche, then let me give you some lights on this.

What is Blogging Niche? 

A Niche is a “Topic” or “Subject” of your blog. Under it there will be sub-topic or sub-subject. Your main topic or subject will cover everything you are writing in your blog. Like you see in my blog, my blog is about digital business covering all the digital business including social media and blogging jobs. A Niche is also an Audience. Whatever you write on your blog that is going to attract the people. Then you get more audience. You will have good number of audience when you are able to write good content and attract the people. Of course, there are SEO optimization and backlinks also matters in obtaining more traffic. We will also talk about that in next article. 


How to Select Blogging Niche?

As the question is about how to choose a blogging niche, here you need to consider four factors:

I. Your Passion or Interest: before you choose your niche what you have to do is, study or observe the area of your own interest or passion. Find out the topic or subject on which you are so interested or passionate. The topic you always love to talk about or write about. You never feel bore in that. Find out what is that in your mind that you always want to share with others or friends. So here the factor of choosing right niche is based on your passion. Suppose your passion is on “Parenting” then you decide to start blogging on parenting – giving tips, guides and counseling on parenting. 


II. Solution to other’s Problem:This is another important factor in finding the right niche for your blog. You not only depend on your passion but also you have to consider helping others find answers to your blog post. You have passion on parenting and have decided to start blogging, what you want to write about is you want to help the parents who are struggling with their children in the family. You will always think about how you can help needy parents. Whenever, people or parents come searching in the internet to find some solutions to their family problem or children issue or any family related or parenthood related problem they must find the answers of their problem in your blog. So, don’t just choose the niche but also think to help others find answer in your article.


III. Your Skill:Another important you also need to consider is your skill. Whatever niche you choose dose not have any meaning unless you have the skill or experience on that particular topic. Sometime what happens, your passion may be different from what already you know. But this should not be a problem. If your passion is not in what you already know then don’t choose base on that. But still you should have skills. Unless you know something how you are going to teach others? What I mean to say is that you need to develop your skill base on your passion. If your passion is on parenting, then you have to develop your knowledge on parenting as much as possible. Once you become a master over it you can start teaching others. So skill is must. 


IV. Understanding Audience:Another very serious and paramount important factor in selecting blogging niche is to look for audience or understanding your audience. Here I am taking a niche on Parenting as an example. If your niche is on parenting, you have to ask yourself that who are going to read your article or blog? Who you are talking to? How are you going to help them? What you are going to do for them? What problem they may have? How are you going to answer to them? How much time can you give them? How many people need your help? You need to study all of these, in order to understand your audience. Where are your audience from? You have to do a research to know your audience. So that you can meet their need. More you provide the answers to their problem more they would love to read your blog. This is very much important as per as traffic is concern.


Whatever blog you are writing about the fact is nobody actually care what blog you write or what you label your blog. What matters “Content“, a quality content. You must be comfortable about the topic you are writing about. And it must flow out of your own experience. Not just a copy paste.

Whatever topic or niche you choose all those will fall under these four factors I have already said above. Well, now you got an idea to choose the niche for your blog and you are ready to go with. Now let us talk about some popular blog niche from which you can compare with your passion and skill to pick up the one.

Top Blogging Niche List:

1 # Make Money Online

According to me this must be on the top of the list. Many bloggers talk about blogging niche are placing this particular niche on the top. This includes : How to make money?, How to make money online?, Money and finance, Money tips, Finance tips, ways to make money, idea to make money etc… you will see lots of blog on this topic with different blog name. It has a very good SEO ranking in all major search engine like google, bing, yahoo etc.. If you have the passion and knowledge about this then you should not be stuck by anything. If you have the quality content in your blog, you will never luck audience. This niche has worldwide audience. 2020 year is a good time for you to start. 


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2 # Blogging

I give this second place in my list. Because millions of people around the world talking about this. And many have already started blogging business but many failed too. Blog is becoming so popular in the internet. And the reason people want to start blog is because it is very easy to start, and you can work from anywhere in your own comfort. There is a freedom in doing this. You don’t have to form a company and obtain company license. So people love to blog. But choosing niche on “Blogging” what are you going to write about? You will be giving guide and tips on successful blogging. Covering, how to blog, SEO, how to get traffic, where to buy domain and hosting plan, blogging platform, theme and plugins, monitoring traffic, blog monetization and more. If you are interested on this niche start write now. 


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3 # Social Media

Quite a huge number of mobile users are on social media like facebook, youtube, twitter and many more. If your passion is on social media and you are expert on this. Then you should start a blog on social media. What you are going to write about social media? See, there are still many do not know how to get benefit of using social media. These are some of the tips to include in your writing if you choose social media:

You can talk about – 

  • Personal data safe guard on social media,
  • Advantage and disadvantage of using social media,
  • How to make money on social media,
  • How to increase web site traffic using social media, 
  • How to advertise business on social media
  • How to create YouTube channel and make money
  • How to get maximum benefit using Facebook
  • Terms & Service and rules of monetization in social media like youtube
  • Power of using social media for business

These are just few things I could list out here. you may find out more about social media which you can include in your writing. but remember this niche is really a supper hot niche in this present time.


3 # Political News

It is not bad! Especially if you are from India, it is good to start political news blog. Because political issues and debates are very popular in India. More traffic likely to come during the poll or election. But you must have a passion for this and basic knowledge in journalism. Even if you don’t have the knowledge of journalism you can start with little writing skill of reports. You need to have always eyes open for this. Keeping eyes on the current issues in the nation as well as in the world. Always try to reach to the audience in first time. So that your audience get the current news at the very earlier time before they search for another one. This is very interesting, you will love this and also your general knowledge will be sharpen. 


4 # Health Blog (Weight Gain or Wait Loss)

This another very popular blogging niche. If you check keyword search for this you will find millions of people are searching in the net. Of course there are already many blog available online on health related topic. However, you can compete them by provide more safety, more easy methods and very practical solution for gaining better health. But this niche is not suitable for everyone. You must be expert on health related things, medical and physical exercise related things. Other wise readers will get harm rather than benefits. But if you are expert on this who can keep you far way from this. One very good thing about health blog is it has more monetization opportunity. Apart from ads monetization you will also have more benefit of affiliate earning. You can keep all the health related medicine or product with affiliate link. Whenever you give some remedies to your readers you can direct them to the product to buy and apply. That’s how more earning you may get through your affiliate program. 

If you want to know how affiliate works please read this article: How to make money online? 


5 # Food Blog

Food is another hot blogging niche. You will find everywhere in TV, YouTube, Facebook and in many other media food expert are making videos on food and publishing on youtube and there are so many blog on this niche. Still it is very much searched by the users in the internet today. People want to learn different kinds of food preparation. You can create either tutorial video or written blog post or both in your blog. It can give you tons of traffic to your channel or blog if you are able to make a good quality videos.

6 # Parenting

As I have already taken this as an example in the beginning itself. That shows how important is this topic. Today the world is lucking a good parent or good children. It is all because there is a luck of teaching and motivation in the family. So you be the coach for thousands of parents in this world. By doing this you will also become a better parent. 

7 # Family

How do you see family today? What is happening in the family around the world? Is everything going well? If you feel there are so many good things should happen in the family or more responsibility must be taken by the family to see better world, then why don’t you think starting a blog and videos teaching on this niche? There are so many broken families in this world, no peace in the family. Children are not obeying their parents, parents are not giving proper education to their children etc.. Such family need good counseling and motivation. If you have the passion and teaching skills on this you must start a blog on family. This is a perfect blogging niche for you. 

8 # Personality Development

If you are good in personality development then you can start a blog on self-improvement or personality development. People are searching every day good material or teaching notes on self-improvement. You can consider this also a good blogging niche. 


9 # Product Review

Blog on product reviews are likely to have good income. This type of blog has more earning opportunities. Because you are giving good information to your audience about the product they looking for. Due to the fraud business in the online people simply don’t buy the product online. Buyers will always look for some reviews points. They want to know what people are saying about that particular product before they made a purchase. When they understood the product they are looking for has a good number of positive reviews they purchase. How you are going to make money here is, all the product you are reviewing will have affiliate link. When people click on that product it will direct your readers to third party’s site. Once they made a purchase you are paid commission by that particular company. In this you will always motivate people to buy the product. So according to me product review blog will have more chances to earn money. 

10 # Sports Blog

Every where in the world different kinds of sports are being organized. People love sports and games. Especially, if you are from India you can have sport fan club channel or blog. Specially, on cricket during the IPL (Indian Premier League) you can have lot of traffic on your blog site. That will increase your earning if monetize with ads. You can run your blog or channel as sports news. It is a very big blogging niche to start with.

11 # Travel Blog

Do you have travel experience from different countries of the world? Do you like to travel? If you answer is yes, then it is good that you start blog on travel. It is very powerful blogging niche. You can talk about different tourist places of the world. Write about safety travel and best places of the world. You can also provide some coupons, offers on booking flight, bus etc. that will earn you more money. Provide best tips and guide on journey with different means of transportation. You can also share about how to save money while you are on holidays. There so many things you can talk about travel. It is also a great blogging niche. 


12 # Fashion & Beauty

If you step out of your room and room in the town or city you will find in every knock and corner so many fashion beauty and beauty pourlar shop. Why is that? Because 80% of the women are always after the fashion beauty. They are always attached with cosmetic kind of things. And they are after beauty parlour. Even gents are also not less today. In fact they are the more fashioned and styled now. What I am trying to say is that starting a blog on fashion and beauty will not go in vain. Only things is that you need to have some knowledge and experience on this. You must be good enough to give tips and tricks to your readers. Your tips and practical steps must help them. With this blog you can sell lots of beauty product through your affiliate product link and that will increase earning. So fashion and beauty is good niche blog in the sense.

13 # Online Trading

There are quite a big number of online trading to make money. Few example of those are:

    • etoro
    • forex trading
    • binary option etc…

There are many other options to trade online and make money. If you know their tricks and tips you can share your strategy and guide your readers so that they can be benefited. You can also study about their business to understand in deep so that it becomes easy for you to guide others. However, it is good to start trading for yourself to have experience. That will have more impact when you teach others. You can share your success story in trading options. 

14 # Online Course

If you do not like any of those said, you can start online marketing business or online selling course. You can offer a free course and premium course as well. You can offer online course on these:

    • Web development, designing, building
    • DTP
    • Logo design
    • Banner ads design
    • SEO
    • Photography
    • Physical Exercise
    • WordPress
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Music
    • Tution
    • Art/Drawing class
    • Dance class  etc…

Till now you know how to select blogging niche and also you have got some of the blogging niche. Now another step is how to make money with this blog.

Well, now let’s proceed to an important question that people sometime don’t ask themselves while choosing a blogging niche.

How Are You Going to Make Money?

Once you have launched your new blog now what comes next is making money through your blog. You can also read this article on “How can you make money with your blog?” Basically, there are five ways to make money on your blog. These are like:

  • Publish ads or Monetizing ad
  • Get sponsored
  • Affiliate program
  • Sell your own products
  • Sell ad space on your blog page

You have to become a publisher through different ad network. The most popular ad network is Adsense. You may be already know about it. There are also many other ad network you can work with. But remember you cannot work all of them together, specially adsense dose not accept or give approval your application when you already have monitized with other ad network. The first option to make money is through monetizing ads or publishing ad on your blog. 

Second ways is to find some sponsors or business or companies. For this you need heavy traffic or visitors to your site. Other wise no one will sponsor you. How you get money from your sponsor? It is when some one wants to sponsor you means the business owner wants to promote their product on your blog. Because you promote their product you got paid. 

Thirdly, you have look for affiliate program. There are so many companies have the affiliate program. you can simply join their affiliate program and link the affiliate link at your blog page or any where in the blog. Whoever follows the link and purchased the product you are paid commission. You can join with Amazon affiliate program or any. 

Fourthly, you also can sell your own product directly to your traffic if you have anything to sell. Whatever the price you sell all money will be yours. So that’s a great way to earn money from your blog.

Fifthly, you can also ad space at your site. when your website becomes so popular, driving millions of traffic to your blog there comes maximum chances to increase your income. New business or companies are always searching popular blog to promote their product so that easy they may get customers coming to their business. Once you reached to this level your earning will so high, which you can never imagine. 

Now you may be very much excited to start a blog and make money. Wait! Hold on! You still need to know few more important things in order to become a successful blogger. Please read the bellow points again. 

How to succeed in blogging business?

If you really want to become the next blogging star in your ‘blogging’ niche, you need to follow few effective strategies that can lead you to successful blogging.

Consider Writing a Great Content – Always create quality and useful content for your followers, interesting and good blog topics help you stand out from the crowd!

Do a Market Research – Do a thorough research to make sure that your blog niche is profitable and has a target audience.

Make it with Good Design and Branding – All successful bloggers know the importance of brand and design when it comes to blog niches.Take time out to study authority blog designs.

Practice Guest Blogging – One of the most popular blog niche market ideas today is guest blogging, this can help increase your profile and the interest in your blog niche.

Optimize your Blog – You have to optimize your blog in major search engine like google, bing, yahoo, yandex etc… Optimization is mandatory to be found in the online, other wise no one will see your website or blog. 

Develop Backlinks –  another important that you have to do is developing backlinks. You can either buy backlinks or do an outreach. This will increase your domain and page authority. When it comes to the search ranking site authority is very much important things to consider. 

The Final Step 

Choose a Domain name and Hosting plan. It can be your name or after your blog niche. You can buy your new domain from best domain provider companies. Here I have few list. You consider buying your new domain and hosting. 

Best and cheap domain can be found in Namecheap. I have several domains from them. According to me they are the best domain seller. To search your new Domain availability visit here: Buy Cheap Domain.

You can also purchase your domain from GoDaddy as they are popular in the world. However, domain price is little higher as compare to Namecheap. To buy a Domain from GoDaddy please the website here: Godaddy.

Another cheap and best company I find for you is TMD Hosting and DomainRacer. You can buy both domain and hosting from these sites. Their domain price and hosting dose not cost much. If you like to search new domain and hosting from them please visit here: TMD Hosting or

But, my final recommendation would be TMD Hosting and Namecheap. It is up to you now which one to choose. 

You are ready to go now. Wish you happy blogging. 

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