How to make money online with blog website?

October 11, 2019
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What all you should know to make money online with your blog or website? Blogging job is a very easy way to make money online. Blog can give you lifetime passive income. You want to see here, how you can make money online with your blog.

How to make money online with blog website?

To make money with your blog you need basic knowledge. In today’s world blogging has become so popular in the internet. If you have a passion for blogging thousands things you can do with blog, and doing that you also make a good passive income out of all your efforts in blogging business.

What you should know to make money with your blog is the question here right? Nothing can be achieved very easily. You need to work hard and put lots of your efforts in order to succeed in blogging business. Before you start with your blog let’s make clear to our mind that why do I starting blog? You must be sure about starting blog. The purpose of starting blogging business must include only these two:

  • Passion to share with others what all I know
  • Generating extra Income; in other words Making Money

If this is clear, you can start now blogging business. Then here comes the first question we ask, what all you should know to make money with your blog? To make money with your blog the skills and equipment you must have are:

  • Laptop or Desk Top computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Writing and communication Skills and of course knowing English is must
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer and Internet
  • Little Knowledge of Website setting and publishing blog
  • A Bit knowledge of SEO
  • Understanding of Site monetization

These are the basic things you must have to blog and make money with your blog.

Now let us go into more details on how to make money with your blog:

Remember here I am not going to tell you how to create a blog. I assume that you have already created a blog or you know how to create a blog. If you still need to know about creating blog or blogging tips then you have to read this: Blogging tips, Guide for beginners.

Once you are ready with the blog first thing what you need to do with your blog is write good articles and publish them frequently.

Follow these steps now:

1 #  Write Article

After you have set up everything in your blog now it is time to write good and unique articles.

  • Do keywords researches to know or get idea which keywords or niches have more search rank in Google. That will give you more confidence to write good content.
  • Remember if your contents are very good and unique you have maximum chances to get ranked in the Google. Your content is the king of your blog because that will bring more traffic to website. More traffic more earning.
  • When you write article, don’t forget to focus your keyword; for example if your keyword is “make money with your blog” you have to put this keyword almost in every paragraph of your article or under every heading. There are two types of keyword: short keyword and long tail keyword. The example I have given here is the example of long tail keyword. Experts say, long tail keywords have more SEO ranking. So it is good to have long tail keywords and prepared the article accordingly.
  • Write or prepare article at least two in a week.
  • Follow others blog that match with your blog niches. You can check their content and writing style. You also can find what was missing to their content that you can think of improving into your article so that readers will get more benefit from your article than others.

If you want to use the Article Spin Rewriter software, there is a best software product I can recommend for you. Please click this link to find the Best Spin Rewriter software for Website and Bloggers and look for the Best Spin Rewriter software.

Best Spin Rewriter software for Website and Bloggers

Spin rewriter image


2 #  Publishing Article

Now your article is ready so you can publish them now. After you have written the article, prove read it and publish. If you don’t publish them people can’t find your article so you need to publish. If there is no article being published how you will make money with your blog? It is impossible! Publishing at least two articles in a week will positively maintain your Google Index and SEO rank.

3 #  Monetize Your Website

When it comes to “make money with your blog” here you need website monetization. Unless you monetize your website you never earn, whatever good contents you may have does not matter. You must monetize. Monetizing means what? You have to join with ads network companies to publish ads on your blog or website. You as a publisher joining with good and legitimate ads network will earn money from them by publishing the ads on your blog. This is monetization.

Initially you may not be qualified to publish ads on your blog because you may not have much traffic to your blog. However, there are many ads network even they easily give approval to new blog. Initially you can work with those and later when your traffic increase you can apply for those ads network who offer high earning rates. Google Adsense is the best ad-network. You can find some ads networks here in the bellow:

  • Google Adsense
  • PropellerAds
  • HilltopAds
  • AdBuff
  • ClickAdu
  • Amazon CPM
  • Conversant Media
  • Exponential
  • Popads

These are few of many ads networks I mentioned here. You can check with all the above mentioned ads networks.

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4 #  Affiliate Program

If you are really serious about making money with your blog then affiliate program is another powerful source of income. You can generate maximum income by joining affiliate program. There are quite a big number of affiliate programs in the internet market. What is affiliate program? It is selling third party’s products.

How does it work? When you join any affiliate website or any affiliate program they give you affiliate link and then you promote the product of third party on your blog through your affiliate links. When any visitor like the product and click on the product link and purchase the product through your affiliate link then you receive commission from the company who provide you the affiliate link. This is how you make money with your blog. More you convert your visitors to purchase the product through your link you earn more money.

To sell web hosting you can join with good web hosting companies who offer affiliate program. I can name here some of the web hosting companies who offer affiliate program:

These are few of many. You can check with them to find the offer. You can easily make money with your blog through their affiliate program because now day’s lots of people are looking for web hosting to start blogging. You can write good review about web hosting and place your affiliate link in all articles. You can also place banner of third party so that when visitor click on the banner they will be directed to the third party’s website and make purchase.

If you want sell products through your affiliate link you also can join with few other popular affiliate website.

You can make huge money with Creating account is free.

These are just few of many. There big number of affiliate websites you can search them online. This is how you can make money with your blog. So understand your blog has a power to generate a big income for you. But you need to work hard and also be smart in doing that.

5 #  SEO Optimization

Creating blog and writing article and publishing them regularly do not bring any money to you. You make money with your blog only when people visit to your website blog and click on the ads that is being displayed on your blog or purchase the product through your affiliate links. All this will happen only when you have maximum traffic on your blog. You need everyday visitors to come to your blog post. Otherwise all your effort is in vain. That’s where you need SEO Optimization. If you know it you can do by yourself. If not you should hire or buy some experts available online. Find good SEO service providers online, they can help you optimizing your blog. It is very mandatory. Otherwise you won’t have traffic. No traffic no earning.

You can optimize your blog by yourself through Yoast SEO. This is the best for SEO optimization. When you create WordPress website you can install this (Yoast SEO) plugin to your website and set up the plugin. It’s very easy to set up. Once you optimized your blog then submit sitemap of your blog post. Google will index your sitemap. Once it is indexed in the Google your post will be available in search engine. This is how you will receive traffic. Remember if there is traffic there is income.

6 # Ways to get traffic

This is very important one. I have already told you above that without traffic your blog is nothing. So what you must do in order to get more traffic and make money with your blog. You have to find some strategies to increase traffic. Here few things I am sharing you the strategy:

  • Write good contents
  • Write always unique contents
  • Build internal and external link to your blog. Internal links are that you are linking one blog post to another blog post from within your blog. External links are that you are linking your blog post to someone’s blog or website, or someone has linked with your blog. In other words your blog has connection with outside of your blog.
  • Build backlinks or buy backlinks. It will definitely increase your organic traffic.
  • Post your blog post on social media to viral your blog. You know the power of social media. So use of that power to increase your traffic to make money with your blog.
  • You can buy traffic from web traffic service. But be careful that traffic should not affect your SEO and Google Analytics reports. Before you buy traffic go through all their service. Read how to get more traffic?
  • Post comments on others blog. At the end mention your blog url sot people can visit your blog if they like.
  • You can hire experts for SEO optimization.
  • You can also buy backlinks from Linksmanagement. They are the number one backlinks provider. You can check in online to find whether they are the number one or not. There are so many reviews about them. I have also connection with

I think I have done, I don’t need to write anything more on how to make money with your blog. May be somebody may have done better than this. You can find that also. But all of these are almost same with many of the experienced bloggers.

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Once you start doing it you will understand more and you will earn more. Please read this also:

I would recommend you to visit another blog where you can learn more about blogging and making money online. Please follow the link bellow.

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