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November 17, 2020
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Are you looking for the online business opportunities? In this article you are going to discover different business opportunities which you can do through online. Yes! Starting an online business is a great way to make money today. People are already making it and have set their life so easy. Online business has been growing so rapidly in short span of time. Because it is so easy to operate and you can easily reach entire world within a short time. Also you can work from your home at your own comfort. That is the reason people love to work online these days.

If you are new to online business you should start learning about it and start your online business right away. But before that you want to know about the business opportunities right!

Without taking much time here, let us look into

The Top 12 Online Business Opportunities:

1. Blogging : Can be the No. One Online Business Opportunities

Blogging is the easiest way to make money online. It has created a tremendous business opportunities. To start blogging you need to have some basic knowledge of writing skill, language (mostly English), technology and internet. Other things you will learn by doing it.

online business opportunities

To set up a blog you need :

  • Domain
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress (Platform)
  • Themes
  • Plugins

Once setting is done you can start writing article and publish on your blog page. One thing you must know in blogging business, blogging may be easy to start but ranking is very hard things to do. But if you are so passionate in producing quality articles on any niches you choose and do the SEO correctly then within few months you will be able to rank you blog. And then you begin to see traffic coming to your blog. Of course there are other marketing strategy that you need to adopt for your blogging business. You can also create social media profile page for your blog and same time you can also do a personal branding.

When is the time to earn from your blog?

Once you start receiving traffic to your blog now you should start monetizing your blog. Monetization is required for earning. You can monetize your blog in different ways like; display ads from google adsense, promote third party products, display sponsor ads and selling ad space on your blog page. These are the common ways of earning money from a blog. But above all, all you need is traffic. For that you have to optimize your site. Optimize your site in different search engine like; google webmaster, yahoo, bing, yandex etc.

Want to learn more detail on How to Start a Blog and Start Making Money then Click Here.

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Next online business opportunities is Freelancing.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is another online business opportunities that people are rushing for. There are may freelancing platform available online. You can develop your skills on particular niche so that you can easily get hired for the project. You can work on,, and many more. Click here for joining Fiverr.Com.

To get hired by the clients in all these platform you need to develop certain skills. Consider developing your skills on these: Web development, video editing, voiceover, blog writing, SEO, lead and funnel, social marketing, digital marketing, web designing, graphics designing, animation, programming etc. You can choose any of these niches and become a master or specialist on the particular niche so that you can provide quality service to your clients.

3. Selling Online Course

selling online course

Selling online course is the biggest online business opportunities today. If you have some special knowledge on specific niche you should be selling courses online on that particular niche or category. Platform like Udemy, Simplilearn etc. are making billions of dollars every month.

Create a quality tutorial video and upload to your platform. Even if you do not have your own platform still you can sell course on others’ platform. However, I would recommend you to start your own platform so that you get 100% benefits.

You can also use a software to create course for your platform. Coursereel is a great software for online course sellers. Many people are using this software for creating course for their clients. Want to check my review on CourseReel? Go to this link: CourseReel review- make unlimited video & unlimited income

Or you can directly get into the software page here: CourseReell Software. Apart from CourseReel software there is another tool you can use for creating a course like udemy. This is a plugin. You have to install into your WordPress Blog website. This is WP Coursify, you can use pro version. You can check more details on this plugin here “WP Coursify Review.  Or go to the WP Coursify Page Here.

4. Digital Marketing Agency

The trending online business opportunities is the digital marketing agency.

This opportunities will lead over next 5 decades at least. This is right time to start digital marketing agency. What is digital marketing agency?

What is digital marketing agency?

Before we learn about digital marketing agency at first we need to know what digital marketing is all about.

Wikipedia defined the digital marketing this ways:

“Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. “

This makes us so clear that digital marketing is all about promoting others products and services with the help of internet and online based digital technologies or software. You provide the service to other business owner to market their products and services to the world.

Learn more details digital marketing agency here.

5. Influencer Marketing

online business opportunities

Another trending online business opportunities coming after digital marketing agency is Influencer Marketing. What is influencer marketing? It is about influencing others business service or product. If you have lot of followers in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and have millions of subscribers on your YouTube channel then you can be a powerful influencer. You can attract business owner or a company who need to promote their service or a product. This is more powerful business because company believe that influencer marketing has that potentiality to bring more sale result. So how can you start this business?

Steps to start Influencer Marketing:

  • Create youtube channel (if not done) and grow with more subscribers and views
  • Develop personal branding – meaning promote your service and earn popularity
  • Create social profile in different social platform like facebook, instagram, twitter etc..
  • Create personal blog to promote your services

Once you gain popularity in all these platform and known by your personal brand name then gradually people will come to you, asking you to promote their promote through your channel. You can charge them to promote their product or service through your channel. This is how influencer marketing works.

6. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

What a great opportunity we have just because of the internet. Online business opportunities never end. There is another great way of making money online. That is through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is another way opening for online business opportunities. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is all about promoting others product or service. How does this works? You join affiliate program in the affiliate market and they provide you the affiliate link or product links. And you will have to promote that product through link has been given to you. If any one purchase the product through your link then you get certain percentage of commission. This is how affiliate marketing works.

Where do you find the affiliate network? How do you join the affiliate program?

There are so many affiliate network you can join but few I want to mention here are: Join JVZoo, Join ClickBank, Join WorriorPlus, Amazon, Commission Junction (CJ) CbProAds and many more you can find in the internet. But these are the top affiliate network you can easily get started.

To join the affiliate program:

  • You need to have a blog
  • But for some network you don’t need to have a blog. You can just create an account for free and start promoting the products on your channel.
  • Once you get approval you can promote the product through your affiliate links. It is a good way to make money online.

7. Email Marketing

online business opportunities

If you are from India, Email marketing may be little slow in marketing because email marketing is not that much popular in India. But still email marketing will work in India too. This days many Indian company understood email marketing as relevant to their business. Email marketing will grow very fast in India. Email marketing will open great online business opportunities in India too. So starting email marketing business is not bad idea. But it is a huge opportunity.

  • do a research on email marketing
  • cross check over existing email marketing services and software they used
  • develop marketing automation software
  • consider developing cloud based software
  • focus on list building and lead generation
  • make it user friendly

8. Content Marketing Agency

content marketing

Content marketing agency is also not less than any other online business opportunities I have already mentioned above. Content marketing has its own great impact to the digital marketing. Every marketers, business need content. Without content nothing can be promote. So now you think how relevant is content marketing.

Content marketing involves:

  • creating content
  • distributing content
  • promoting or publishing content
  • finally content generate leads

Articles, videos, images, stickers, illustrations, animation etc. are actually content.

You can create video content and do marketing or write a blog post or article for your clients. You can choose any content as per your knowledge.

9. Video Marketing Agency

online business opportunities

Video contents are ruling in the internet. Video contents gain more traffic than blog post. That means video marketing is a great online business opportunities. You can start video marketing agency. In this agency what you will provide to your customer is;

  • create video for your clients as per their need
  • create video ads for social media
  • create video for youtube
  • create video ads for youtube
  • create whiteboard explainer video
  • create doodle video
  • create animation video

all these videos are highly demanded in the market. This is a great business opportunities.

10. E-Commerce Business

Another online business opportunities you can have is E-commerce Business. What is e-commerce ? E-commerce is the buying and selling of good or services via internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It’s also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce.

There are different Types of e-commerce

Following are the most common types of e-commerce models:

  • Business to Business (B2B):  Business to business means that the sale is taking place between a business and business like manufacturer and wholesale or wholesale and retailer.
  • Business to Consumer (B2C): This is most popular e-commerce. This business refers to a business selling a good or service to consumer.
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C): Direct to consumer e-commerce is the latest model of e-commerce. D2C means that a new brand is sold directly to the end customer without going through a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler. You are selling product or service through subscriptions. And product or service also can be sold through social media platform.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C): This type of e-commerce is selling products or services to another consumer. Example of these type of e-commerce business are like eBay, Etsy, Fiverr etc.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B): Consumer to business is when an individual sells their services or products to a business organization.

Now you see this is also a great online business opportunities you can find in the internet.

11. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is also one type of e-commerce. However, it has got a large business growth scale. Dropshipping business is such a great online business opportunities you can have online without having inventory. What is dropshipping business? Drop shipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. In dropshipping type of business you don’t have to invent or manufacture the product. There is no maintenance required of stock or inventory. How this business works is that first of all you will have to contact with manufacturer or a company. You are actually selling the product to your customers and manufacturer or a company will ship the product to your customers. Packing and shipping will be taken cared by the manufacturer. Your job is to promote and sell the product to your customer.

When you consider dropshipping business as online business opportunities you also need to know that dropshipping business involves some advantages and disadvantages. Before you start this business you must study the risk factor in this business. In fact every business has advantage and disadvantage. If you know how to manage then disadvantage can’t stop you from getting benefit out of the business.

12. Social Media Agency

Finally, I want to conclude here by sharing another so high demanded marketing opportunity known as “Social Media Marketing Agency.” This has wide open a door of online business opportunities in digital marketing. Everyone is talking about digital marketing and social media marketing. This is a B2B type business. Social media marketing agency really holds a great online business opportunities. To start this business you have to be an expert in social media marketing that involve:

  • expertise in funnel designing
  • expertise in ad designing
  • capable to bring more leads
  • targeting relevant audience
  • copywriting skill
  • engaging audience
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC

And many more in related to social marketing.


Thank you for reading this article.

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